Most of us don’t know much about garbage, apart from the fact that we have to take it out once a week. Backed up by research, what many don’t realize is that garbage is becoming one of the most crucial industries on the planet today.

Think about it, recycling is the only way forward to a zero waste and clean future, and the waste removal market isn’t overcrowded… And as we all know there’s only a handful of waste removal companies that offer a really good recycling service here in Cape Town.

The main reasons for recycling is to control pollution, maintain our natural resources, recycle what we can to use in the future and of cause lessen the spread of diseases. In the recycling industry not everyone has the time to sort all rubbish, so it’s best to do what we can and do it ourselves, that being said, we should try and make the best possible recycling system at home and in our businesses.

Reducing Waste Disposal On Construction Sites

In the construction industry, tons of waste is produced on job sites daily and a lot of these waste can be recycled or reused. If you are passionate about your company’s sustainability objectives, you should choose a company that do waste removal that support your objectives.

Use Skips For Rubble Removal

Skips are the best way of getting rid of waste on construction sites. They come in many different sizes and gets dropped off and picked up for you and it also fits a good amount of waste. If you’re struggling with space to place the skip on your site, some companies wait for you while you load.

Rocket Trading - Cube Bins

Let’s take a look at 2 ways we can get rid of waste at home


Saving your shopping plastics to use again or you can get cloth shopping bags and reuse them for life, or at least for how long you can. Another good plastic you can reuse is water or drink bottles. Metal, glass and wood can also be reused.


The best way is recycling, especially after you reused it. Take note, you need to have the right containers for each waste material. This will be paper, plastic, glass, batteries, glass, metal etc.

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