Skip Hire & Removal Of ALL Types of Waste

Bobcat Hire: Demolishing, Site Clearing, Levelling, etc

Building Sand, Plaster Sand, Filling Sand, Grey Stone, Brown Stone, & Gabion

Bulk Non-Potable Water Deliveries

Welcome To Rocket Trading

Rocket Trading 117 cc, is a leader in our chosen fields: Demolishing, Site Clearing, Rubble Removal with Labour, Skips and V-Bins for hire, Building Sand and Stone, Bulk Non-Potable Water deliveries, Rental of Bobcats with an Operator and Attachments.

Our success is due to our excellent complement of management as well as staff. Most of them have had many years of experience in the aforementioned industries. Our Managing Member has over 20 years experience in these fields and we have a staff complement of 50 members.

Our Services

bobcat hire cape town Rocket Trading


Bobcat Hire with an Operator & Attachments, for rubble clearing, demolition or waste removal purposes.



You Fill, We Collect & Manage the Rest.


We supply sand & stone deliveries. We’ve got you covered!


We supply Non-Potable Water for all swimming pools, construction sites, wash bays, etc.



We have storage units available for rental!


6m³, 8m³ & 10m³ RoRo Skips

You Fill, We Collect & Manage the Rest.

15m³ - 33m³ Skips

Our vehicles and machinery are available to assist you with all your rubble removal needs.

Our team is uniquely structured to offer our clients the service that they have come to expect from a professional company.

Why choose Rocket Trading

Our approach to quality management is simple but based on the key building blocks of any good quality management system, namely:

Customer Focus

Universal Responsibility

Continuous Process Improvement


Defect Prevention

Liaisons with our clients as well as internal measures ensure that any discrepancies or problems are quickly identified and rectified. Each process and project are subject to documented quality controls which are regularly reviewed in order to improve our systems and policies.

Understanding Skip Sizes with Rocket Trading

Understanding Skip Sizes with Rocket Trading

When it comes to efficient waste management solutions and understanding skip sizes, Rocket Trading is very reliable and well trusted in the area of the industry. Rocket trading have plenty of years and experience behind them, while offering comprehensive waste removal...

Pool Water Delivery Solutions in Cape Town

Pool Water Delivery Solutions in Cape Town

A hot summer day, the sun beating down, and the allure of a refreshing dip in your pool beckoning. But wait, there's a problem. Your pool's water level is lower than it should be, and the crystal-clear oasis you envisioned is in jeopardy. It's a scenario every pool...

Our vehicles and machinery are available to assist you with all your rubble removal needs. 

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