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None potable water delivery service in Cape Town. Water delivery company that provides residential and businesses with water delivered to your door Same day delivery. CRYSTAL CLEAN WATER WATER DELIVERY PRICE DEPEND ON LITRES AND AREA BULK WATER DELIVERY FOR ALL YOUR WATER NEEDS. NEED A POOL OR STORAGE TANK FILLED? WE PROVIDE CLEAR WATER FOR YOUR : SWIMMING POOLS , TOP UPS. GARDENS CONSTRUCTION CAR WASHING BAYS,

Water restrictions have changed the way we make use of water and The City of Cape Town is encouraging businesses to try their best to reduce their water usages and to make use of other water resources where they can.

  • Zero Iron in water
  • No Impurities
  • No Bacteria
  • No Discolouration
  • No Chlorine
  • PH Controlled
  • Bacteria Filtered
  • Sedement removal
  • Chlorine Removed
  • Iron & Minerals removed

Non Potable Water is the best solution in situations where access to a water supply is of shortage or unavailable. Such as construction sites, where toilets need flushing facilities or the cleaning of equipment after the work is done

We also deliver water for the filling of pools in any area around Cape Town. Making use of bulk water delivery gives you the access to many restricted services such as filling of pools, making use of sprinklers around your garden and many more.

Rocket Trading provides a reliable service as an alternative to where water is restricted, allowing you to have access to the volumes of water that is required for your specific use.

With a wide range of construction vehicles we can deliver non potable water in any volume the same day.

We can maintain a constant supply of non-potable water to enable your operation to continue to function without interruption by offering customers a reliable refilling service.

All our water deliveries are supplied using clean hoses and fittings, suitable for construction sites, all carried out by well trained operators.


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