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Welcome To Rocket Trading

Rocket Trading 117 cc, is a leader in our chosen fields: Demolishing, Site Clearing, Rubble Removal with Labour, Bins, and V-Bins for hire, Building Sand and Stone, Rental of Bobcats with Breaker, Hammer and Backhoe and Collection of scrap.

We believe that we are ideally positioned to offer our clients superior service, on time and within budget. Rocket Trading is an accredited Waste Service Provider as per City of Cape Town’s Integrated Waste Management By-law (2009).

Our team is uniquely structured to offer our clients the service that they have come to expect from a professional company.

Our success is due to our excellent compliment of management and staff, most that have had many years experience in these industries. Our Managing Member has over 20 years experience in these fields and we have a staff complement of 50 members.

Rocket Trading Occupational Health & Safety

All Rocket Trading employees are aware of the ever-increasing legal and procedural requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction regulations. This combined with our desire to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, ensure that we regularly update our Occupational Health and Safety Plan, which serves as a guideline to staff for all projects and is available for review on request.

In addition to this guideline, we approach the health and safety aspect of each project on its own unique requirements, in partnership with the client’s representative and their health and safety specifications, meaning that our clients can be assured of complete compliance with the regulations.

Quality Management

Our approach to quality management is simple but based on the key building blocks of any good quality management system, namely:

Continuous process improvement
Customer focus
Defect prevention
Universal responsibility

Liaisons with our client as well as internal measures ensure that any discrepancies or problems are quickly identified and rectified. Each process and project are subject to documented quality controls which are regularly reviewed in order to improve our systems and policies.

Environmental Responsibility

As with OHS, basic legislation governs our environmental and other company policies. In order to stay updated, we review these policies annually.